Why Lighthouse?

research-tested tools to Combat worry, stress or any other challenge that life throws your way.

Brought to you by friendly, caring members of your community. 




Tools that scientific research has shown actually work

When you use a Lighthouse peer therapist, you can be sure you're getting the most effective tools to manage issues with worry and mood. Research has shown that trained peers can be just as effective as a licensed provider when it comes to optimizing your emotional health (Kazdin, 2015).

A fraction of the cost of traditional therapy

The average cost of a session with a licensed therapist is $150-250, and most insurance providers won't pay for it. With Lighthouse, you get many of the same skills and content that you'd get from a licensed provider at a fraction of the cost (under $30-40 per hour).

Forget the clinic. Take care of your emotional health in a way that fits into your busy schedule.

Visiting a clinic is inconvenient and adds cost. Talk to a Lighthouse peer therapist via video chat or meet them in a neutral setting near your home/office.

100% confidential and anonymous